Does this make sense?

If thinking big scares you, think small, go small but keep going

it’s ok to start small and think small, I’m just trying to side with myself now

And be prepared for not reaching the level of success you had hoped for, be prepared for rejection. It just happens. Don’t beat yourself. If this didn’t work out, dust it off and try again. Same old songs, people have been singing it forever, but you will never feel it until it’s your turn to face it and go through it.

Take it all in, these experience, dust it off and try again. You will come out stronger and smarter and wiser

Sometimes these donations and fund raising projects I love to do because it makes me feel like I exist. And I am doing something to prove it by trying to change people’s lives. Me, myself cannot change people’s lives of course but what I am hoping to do is ease their life and  their pain so that hopefully they can continue to fight in this sometimes cruel world. Nobody wants to be ignored, forgotten or treated with cruelty, but it happens all the time!

Now why do you think the world is so cruel, is because you have expectations even if you say you don’t but when you say the world is cruel, probably means you had an expectation that world should be a kind place. But there is no “cruel” or there is no “kind” it is just the reality of good and bad and the way it is. When you are being as straight as an arrow to people and you are being honest and you are doing everything you can to make people feel good. It is not written in any rules that they will do the same for you. I do get sad a lot of times, but that’s okay. Because you have to learn to accept, change the things you can but if you don’t bother to change then you accept it it instead of asking the question why don’t things go the way you want. Did you fight hard enough? Did you approach it the right way? and etcetera. I admit that I might be better off if I change a few behaviors, the way I speak and my attitude. But so long that I know yet I refuse to change even  little, then I will not  complain about it. I’d accept it and that’s all to it.Because you know what? What you do that you thin is so right, might be so wrong in people’s eyes too. So yes, let it go.

My point is, even you think the world needs to be saved, the world might think otherwise. Not everyone shares your thoughts and passion, that why the word “search” is there. You search for people who share your thoughts and passion and then you would find your place in the world. Sometimes you try to save the world, or others, they might not need it. Don’t let yourself be in the wrong situation. So go where it is needed, and what you try to achieve will count. Don’t beat yourself down trying to make a stand where you will be alone. It’s simply just not the right place for you.

Go find the place and people that fits.. GO!



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