Animals and Devil

We are animals living among animals

We are no Saint and don’t say we are just human. Because human have conscious and they can distinguish good behavior to bad and they can choose wise. Humans are able to decide for themselves.

Animals act on instincts, experiences, conditioning or how they were trained. Inflicting violent on each other, living on fear and survival.

We all have animals and devil in us. Depends on whether we act upon it and how much we act upon it everyday. Everytime you judge another, frown at another, raise your voice at another, hurting another, it’s the animal taking over. When you start inflicting pain, fear, abusing others emotionally, the devil is taking over.

You can be the hunter or the victim at anytime. Every man has that power, they can choose to just acknowledge it, use it or abuse it.

A life you treasure so much can just be gone in any second, poof! And it’s only an empty space where you used to stand. Everything you held so high or worked so hard for will become meaningless. Fade. Forgotten. Including you and your existence.

Life has meaning so long as we give to it and exactly as we give it. We have that power too. To give meaning to our lives or not at all and it’s different meaning for everyone. Since our time here is so short and unpredictable, we might as well give it a good one and be useful just while we are here. Choose wisely about what you want to treasure, hold high and work hard for. Because your chances can be limited. You can choose again to make the most out of it or not at all. Control your life or be controlled.

It feels like a game, you sort of know something and you sort of never know anything, waking up each day navigating through life, hoping that you will get through the day safe and be able to go home to your own bed tonight with your eyes fully shut. This is the life here on earth. The world’s a stage and we are just the players. If you are able to watch your life from afar, you will realize too that you are a player, an actor playing your role, a spec of dust that can be wiped off at anytime.

I hope we all wake up some time. From the animal and the devil within us and be free from them.


(This post was inspired by St. Petersburg bombing 3.4.17)


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