Ears 4n Eye Project By Mosquito Movement

In regards to the Mosquito Movement projects, I try to set a goal that there has to be at least 1 solid fundraising project that I would take time with it, plan and promote and create something to raise funds from. Some previous examples like the Wonderheart project where we designed scarfs and sold them to raise funds for a heart surgery in a kid patient. That one was a great success because a child really received an operation from the funds that we raised, and he will be better, stronger and will be able to live his childhood with memorable and happy experiences that every child is supposed to experience.

Another project was an auction activity that we raised different prizes or items from different donation and auction them to buy milk for kids in orphanage. The other one was a body scrub project, to raise funds and donate to another child operation charity organization.

So for this year, I accidentally came across an organisation which is all about eye operation, helping the elderly and children in rural areas of the country to see more clearly, whether by operation or other kinds of treatment. Well, it is needless to say that to be able to see is quite important for everyone. In many cases, the lower income – mid income families, everyone has to work to contribute whether they are the grandma, grandpa or the grand children. So to help everyone in the family to be able to see would help the family to have another hand for their income contribution. This can further reduce many other problems that could follow such as low self esteem of being the family’s burden, harder work for the children which might cause them not to be able to go to school etc. In conclusion, this year’s project for Mosquito Movement begins with “Ears 4n Eye” project, to raise funds for People Eye Care Foundation.

Ears 4n Eye means we create handmade earrings, made from glass beads, crystals, pearls and meaningful stones, with each individual unique design only for the ones who bought them. There are no duplicates, so everyone can be unique, and the profit from the earrings all go to PECF. The project is estimated to last about 2 months, hoping to raise at least THB 8,000 because the cost for operating 1 patient is approximately that amount. So Mosquito Movement hopes to contribute to help at least 1 person. You wear them on your ears and it contributes to improve others eyes.

Ears 4n Eye earrings collection can be found on Mosquito Movement’s Facebook page by click here bit.ly/BrandRavissadaforMosquitoMovement

A few samples are in the gallery 😉

Enjoy, and hopefully you will be interested to contribute to Ears 4n Eye with us

❤ Mosquito Movement


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