I dreamt of a black Unicorn

I would have to start off saying that I’m no Unicorn-ish girl or woman. I don’t relate with Unicorns, although surely they are beautiful and majestic mythical creature. I am more in love with little winged creatures like fairys, faeries, faes or whatever else they are called. Even with my tarot cards selection, I love the fairies collection. 

But how strange it is that I dreamt of a Unicorn last night out of nowhere. And not even a white one. It was a grand, black, majestic Unicorn being groomed in front of me by… I wasn’t entirely sure who, but some 2 beautiful people with long, curl, golden hair that I can’t really associate with anyone in my real life. 

While being groomed, the glitters from the Unicorn’s body would just spread around the area and the glitter on its body became even more sparkle, blue and purple ish colours. It was really beautiful. Then after a few moments they all walked away in another direction from where I stood. 

I was mostly stunned and just stood there and watched. There were no conversations. It was a pretty magical setting. Although I don’t know why when I woke up this morning I felt something was out of balance. 

Anyways, I looked up the meaning of this dream and there were a couple of different meanings, positive and negative from different sources. But choosing to believe what I would prefer to believe, and taking the meaning that I can relate to with my current situation, I chose to go with this one 
The black unicorn in the dream, symbolizes strength, power that you have. You are now on the right way and you are moving toward your goals. The black unicorn is associated with power to overcome all the barriers that you meet in your way of perfect life.


Well, hopefully so 🙂 I am putting my faith in this meaning. Fingers crossed.


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