Peonia Cakes & Bake (Wednesday’s Bakery)

I love baking because it’s a fun hobby. The smell of bakery also usually elevates people’s emotions. Baking represents all things happy, a conversation over cake and coffee, a celebration of all kinds, late night milk and cookies, early morning breadrolls, desserts after a meal etc. etc. etc.

These hobbies also teach you to be patient. The right recipe, the right temperature and the right timing for everything. You can’t rush it and you ought to be fully concentrated with what’s in front of you. That’s almost like meditation without closing your eyes. Your mind becomes clearer leads to clearer thinking and all your worries can melt away like butter and chocolate on a bain marie 🙂

Come along with me and join the ride of Peonia Bakery Journey.

Peonia Bakery can be ordered at:

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