Wednesday’s Hand Made

Crafting and art calms my soul and they do good things to my mind. I used to write music, but somehow this ability grew apart from me while I was growing up. So I don’t write music or my own songs anymore. Instead I create things with my hands, like making earrings, drawing, coloring, sewing, hand made products and etc.

I won’t say that I am gifted or talented in any of these activities though! lol .. My skills still has an ample amount of room for improvement, like hugeee, but that’s cool because I do them because I love doing them and it doesn’t matter if they look really pretty or not because everything I do really comes from my heart and my good intention. I am not that creative either but so lucky for me that these days there are so many inspiration from others available to you right at your fingertips on so many apps or websites that you could visit and be inspired by all other talented people from all around the world. And that’s really fun 🙂

Wednesday’s Handmade now ventures on business with handmade accessories including earrings, bracelets, anklets. Starting small but more to come! The handmade store is called Ravissada. The name came about when I once had an idea to change my name from Panida. In the end I didn’t but the same stuck with me. It means the woman of the sun. Kinda nice right? So I have chosen it for my handmade store and Tarot cards service. Since The Sun is one of the major cards of Tarot cards, the puzzle fits 🙂


Visit the store on Facebook at Ravissada Handmade & Tarot Cards

Or Etsy store at MagicalDreamsStuodio



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